Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Insurance outsourcing is on a high

Insurance outsourcing is much more than ever and the major reasons behind it obviously are the cost benefits besides other factors such as knowledge, skill and focus on core businesses.

Curran interested in heading Injured Workers Insurance Fund ...

This is also a possibility BALTIMORE - Outgoing Attorney General Joseph Curran said he would be interested in temporarily heading the Injured Workers' Insurance Fund while the …IWIF job interests Curran.

How Accurate is your Life Insurance Quote?

When you come looking for a term life insurance quote, whether online or offline, you are probably looking for an accurate one that will suit your specific needs and wants.

Hybrid cars and beyond, will new technology make any difference to ...

At kanetix, our interest is in insurance, so we keep our eyes open for any new developments that may affect the auto insurance industry.

insurance agents in the 1920's

Now one one them has said that he wants to play some kind of agent working for an insurance company.

Women's car insurance 'under less threat from hazardous driving'

Women's car insurance 'under less threat from hazardous driving' Fewer female drivers risk their women's car insurance through potentially dangerous techniques in a bid to avoid being snapped by speed cameras.

Single payer vs health insurance

An interesting article in the Economist discusses why Canadians and Britons love their system of health insurance, and why Americans love ours.

Fla. Homeowners Call for Insurance Reform

Wow… This could also aid you About 200 homeowners demanded aggressive action to curb Florida’s soaring insurance costs last week at a state meeting on insurance reform. "When your CEOs are making $26 billion a year, we need t.

Comment on Duikvaker scuba diving show in Utrecht by Autos Insurance

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Long Term Care Insurance, Parents and There Goes the Inheritance

The issue of caring for aging parents is only a blip on the radar at the moment, but as more Baby Boomers reach that magic age when the body craps out and someone needs to look after it, keep your eye on the bouncing assets.